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Holler'N Hills Sugar Bush is a growing branch of Swan Tree Farms. Daniel has been slowly expanding the maple syrup business since 2010 alongside the Christmas tree farm. Our trees and spring season give our syrup its grade A color and bold taste.



A huge Thank You! to Big Family Homestead for letting everyone see our process of making our unforgettable maple syrup!

Check them out at Big Family Homestead on YouTube. Or take a look at their website at

Tips for storage! 

Fresher Taste Longer.

  If you've purchased our Plastic bottles, you can store them in the freezer to preserve that amazing taste of freshly bottled maple syrup quite a bit longer than letting it sit in your pantry!

Mold Growth

In the rare case your syrup begins to grow mold after you open it, don't throw it out! You can still use it! Here is a quick step by step to save your maple syrup.

1. Scoop off mold from top of syrup.

2. Pour syrup into sauce pan with a lid.

3. Bring to a boil and then let it cool.

4. Remove any more floating particles.

5. Return syrup to STERILIZED container.

6. Store container back in fridge.

Shelf life of maple syrup.


Unopened, pure maple syrup can sit on your pantry shelf indefinitely. Once you have opened the bottle, store it in your fridge just like any other canned good.


Last tip.

Don't store it! Eat it! The maple syrup industry is just starting to discover some very incredible health benefits that pure maple syrup has for us!

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